Irish Snack Foods

(Or Fine Dining on the Motorway)

We at Next Exit Travel are curious about local cuisine. For us, this means stopping at various supermarkets and gas station mini-marts to sample local delicacies. We seek to experience the potato in all forms. In fact, that really should be our mission statement.

Several of the gas station mini-marts offered fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as bread baked fresh on the premises. But you all know what bread looks like and snack food packaging is so much more fun. We also found out there is an amusement park devoted to fried potato products – Tayto Park! It was closed for the winter, but it gives us an excuse to go back.

I could probably live on salt & vinegar chips. This was a good one.
These were vegan and since they were baked they were practically a health food. And nothing beats the comedy of asking someone in the car where the zombie fingers went.
Yes, the cashier did look at us a bit funny.
Could have been a bit spicier, but were a nice change.
I can’t remember what these had in them, wheat I think, so I didn’t try them, but WPT ate the whole bag rather quickly.
I loved these. They were like the love child of salt & vinegar and garlic & onion chips.
I’m saving these for a special occasion.
Just the right mix of salt and vinegar.



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