WPT at Abita Mystery House, Abita Springs, LA
WPT at Abita Mystery House, Abita Springs, LA

William P. Tandy will go anywhere at least once. As a full-time traveling salesman, he sold quality art and architecture books to independent booksellers on Broadways and Main Streets most everywhere east of the Mississippi. Now an editor by trade, his professional travels take him to cities across North America.

Since 2001, WPT has worked as an editor, publisher, and contributing writer for the award-winning Smile, Hon, You’re in Baltimore! series, under his own imprint, Eight-Stone Press. A two-time Utne Reader Independent Press Award Nominee, Smile, Hon has also been named “Best Zine” by Baltimore Magazine and Baltimore City Paper.


DGB at Bird City, Avery Island, LA
DGB at Bird City, Avery Island, LA

Davida Gypsy Breier simply enjoys the exhilaration of travel. She is curious about places and where roads lead. In her salad days, she set aside $10 each paycheck to fund excursions. These days she works just as hard hoarding frequent flyer miles.

Davida works in publishing by day and by night has published over 80 zines since 1995 and has contributed to numerous zines, magazines, and websites. She was awarded “Best Local Zinester” in 2000 and “Best Zine” in 2003 by Baltimore’s City Paper and is a Literary Death Match winner.  She edited a book on vegetarianism in 2001 and in 2010, she was a contributing writer and photographer for Ninety-Five Meeting America’s Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs, published by No Voice Unheard. As a photographer, her two favorite subjects are chickens and drag queens.

WPT and DGB met in 1999 and efficiently took their honeymoon before they started dating. After 12 days on the road, they shacked up and have continued traveling together since. They enjoy unusual lodgings, fine scotch, and fried potato products.  They can be reached at nextexit@leekinginc.com or PO Box 347, Glen Arm, MD 21057.


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